Hypnotherapy Helped me alot, I love it. An Interview with Fergie, singer of The Black Eyed Peas

An Interview with Fergie, singer of The Black Eyed Peas

Buhrmester: You formed the all girl trio Wild Orchid and release two albums with the group but left after you developed a crystal-meth addiction. When did you know you were in big trouble?


Fergie: Probably when I ended up on the bathroom floor. I hit rock bottom and cut myself off. At that point I was lucky enough o have my mom’s support. I moved back home and started meeting with people and writing and recording. I never lost focus on that goal. One of the songs on the Dutchess, “Losing my Ground”, come’s from that time. I pulled over to the side of the road and wrote the lyrics in about 15 minutes. It’s a strong message

Buhrmester: How did you kick your Crystal Methanphetamine habit?

Fergie: I went to hypnotherapy, I still go. I need to. I wen to narcotics Anonymous. I went to Crystal Meth Anonymous. Hypnotherapy helped me a lot I love it. The first time I went was hilarious. I told the doctor I didn’t want any of that hypnosis stuff; I just wanted regular therapy. The next time I went I was biting my nails, so I told her I’d been biting my nails and wanted to try hypnotherapy. I went into the chair, and it was amazing. It completely worked.


Buhrmester: What are you working on with Hypnotherapy now?

Fergie: That’s for my therapist to know. (Fergie and all Clients have client confidentiality). I’ll let you know later. I love Hypnotherapy. It works. Everyone should be aware of how easy it is and for how many different areas it can improve your life. It has improved my life for ever.


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